Thank you for visiting Holly’s!

Holly has assembled a “cream of the crop” staff that really “cuts the mustard.” Our “salt of the earth” catering and restaurant chefs possess playful and creative culinary styles offering memorable, boldly flavored comestibles, artfully presented.

Our Catering Directors make party planning “easy as pie”, so whether your “cup of tea” is a formal soiree or a backyard BBQ, we will cater to your every need. After all, you are the “Big Cheese” and your pleasure is our business.

Our dining rooms are perfect whether you prefer to “eat and run” or savor a relaxed “wine and dine experience” so drop by for lunch or dinner or reserve them for a private function.

“Variety is the spice of life” so whether we’re catering to you at our place or your place, at Holly’s you can “have your cake and eat it, too”!